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Our new generation of lighting feature a genuineworld-first.


We care for our environment and your well-being. Our products are made in Switzerland by social institutions even though we could produce them much more cost efficient in other countries.


Our products are made by recycled plastic and we are only using LED bulbs.


WO-OW AG, Eillanne Januth our Chief Designer and the entire team are investing their inspirations with enthusiasm and care in each single piece. This is why we love her and the team so much.

Scottish gaelic for 'atmospheric'

The name of the lighting range is àile lighting, which is Scottish gaelic for ‘atmospheric’.  Each piece is named in gaelic and translated as follows:

Description & dimensions


Gealach - moon due to it’s shape and form | slim-line in shape embellished with crystals | 700 x 200 mm

Reultan - stars as the shadow projected on wall reminded me of starry nights in Flims Graubünden Switzerland. 3-tier chandalier empellished with 250 crystals. 1200 x 500 mm

Lùth - energy 2-tier drum suspended by an acrylic disc

Positioned in the hub of the home, above the dining table, a table used by all the family members for creativity, study, social occassions, difficult conversations and fun ones!  It functions both as task and mood lighting with the dimmable function and strength of bulb.

Baitail - urban simplicity of chrome base and the overall lamp’s structure. Drum shade with chrome light base 250 x 270 mm

Blàth - warmth the candle-lit globes and the light from the sculpted structure eminate warmth. Various sculped globes for candle light. Various sizes

Custom Special Editions

Like our lights but really need it eight feet tall? We can make that happen. Contact our Zurich studio, and we’ll work with you to design and build custom shapes and sizes, whether it’s a one off for a home or large quantities for commercial projects

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